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Cambridgeshire Skills are a county-wide service that deliver learning in a variety of ways such as face-to-face, flexibly online and online livestream. They have a variety of courses available in your local community.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • It promotes and encourages lifelong community learning. Learning with Cambridgeshire Skills is rewarding and enjoyable, they celebrate and encourage learners from a mix of different ages, backgrounds and experiences and recognise that learning isn’t just one approach.
  • They deliver courses where they are needed in the local area.
  • They offer support and guidance throughout the learner journey.

‘I was apprehensive about learning at first, I thought it would be like school. I went to school, but I finished at 14 and didn’t get any qualifications. I was supported through my enrolment and assessment, it made me feel really at ease with the situation and I get on really well with all the team, I even attend lessons early and help them set the tables and chairs up if i have enough time I help pack them away sometimes unless I have to rush back to work. I have been getting on really well had recently passing all the mock tests I do. Rose arranged for me to return to Clarion to take my health & safety level 1 and sit the test. Beatrice went with with me for a couple of lessons to make sure I knew what I was doing, and that I could do on my own because this time it was all online using zoom. I’m really looking forward to getting my card because I will be able to get a better job and do more.’

Fred went on to pass his level 1 health & safety and has his card test.


What to expect?

Starting your journey with Cambridgeshire Skills is easy – there are a number of ways that you can enrol on a course.

They offer appointments with their Admissions Team in their March Hub, March Community Centre, so that you can enrol in person. You will have the opportunity to be fully supported with the enrolment process and ask any questions you may have.

If you would rather book an appointment please call 01353 613013 or email [email protected] to arrange your visit.

Cambridgeshire Skills have a range of community learning courses (fully funded if you are a Cambridgeshire Resident) and bitesize courses which run for up to 3 hours.

More information

Cambridgeshire Skills is an adult and community learning service.

At Cambridgeshire Skills they want to help you to make the choice that is right for you. So, whether you are planning to step back to learning, or to fulfil your career ambitions, they have got an exciting range of programmes for you to choose from.

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