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Boxing Futures is a dynamic charity which works to improve the physical and mental health and wellbeing of disadvantaged young people. They empower young people by building positive relationships, developing core soft skills and increasing confidence and motivation.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • Boxing is not only a great physical exercise for building physical health, but training together helps build comradery and confidence;
  • Group sessions and interactions are designed to lower isolation and loneliness;
  • Peer-led discussions help participants address issues that impact them in all areas of their lives and learn how to deal with them in a healthy way.

‘It’s changed my mentality, I’m mentally and physically healthier.’

Head coach Cello Renda introduces Boxing Futures:

Boxing Futures have two programmes that are a 25-week journey for young people to improve their physical and mental wellness, whilst attaining valuable skills and developing a positive sense of community. ‘Sisters Through Boxing’ is designed for young people that identify as female, whilst ‘Brothers Through Boxing’ which is designed for young people that identify as male. These are delivered by a compassionate and empathic staff team, who are experienced in working with hard to reach individuals.

Meeting weekly, each session consists of two sections:


The first element is a discussion led forum for covering topics such as physical and mental wellbeing; belonging and conflict resolution; life skills and the opportunity to reflect on  their place in the world. Subjects range from healthy and unhealthy relationships; sexual health; staying safe; and keeping physically active; and the learning is embedded with workshops presented by external facilitators such as Terrence Higgins Trust and Coppafeel.

As well as informal learning, participants have the opportunity to use these classroom-based sessions to complete up to three Level 1 Qualifications in different life skill subjects, such as peer mentoring, money management, and sports leadership.


The second part of the session is gym-based and works on developing physical wellbeing through the discipline of a non-contact Boxercise course. Under the supervision of the Head Coach, an ex-pro boxer, this involves learning Boxercise punches, pad work and the control required to achieve a Bronze level award.

Developing a prosocial mindset is fundamental to the work that they do in the gym and so they reinforce this through the inclusion of fun social activities, such as having a meal together, volunteering in a community action group, and trying an alternate outdoor activity.

Through cultivating strong relationships and the beneficial effects of non-contact boxing, they are able to develop confidence and empower young people

Find out the impact that ‘Brothers Through Boxing’ makes:

Find out more from Andy about the BGL funded Inclusive Boxing Sessions:

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