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The Making Memories Group is for individuals who are awaiting a memory assessment and also for their families to engage in a community group in Buckden Village Hall.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • Making new friends & social connections can improve wellbeing
  • Getting creative can help boost mood
  • Getting involve in the Love to Move session helps with cognitive and physical wellbeing

“I want to tell you how much Mrs S and l enjoy the memory ‘social’ on Thursday afternoons. Mrs S especially enjoys and benefits from meeting and chatting to others, and engaging in table games.
And not just Mrs S, l enjoy everything just as much! Jane’s exercise regime is hard work but essential for keeping everything moving.”

The kettle is always on, you can relax, chat, play games for mental stimulation, sing together, exercise & dance. Sometimes they do arts & crafts or jewellery making.

Get physically active with the Love to Move program by the British Gymnastics Foundation helps with cognitive and physical being.

The Love to Move program is on offer every week: gentle chair-based exercise to music.

Physical, emotional, & cognitive benefits designed to get you moving more. Suitable for all ages & lots of fun.

Sessions are free to attend

How to contact

Where to go

Buckden Village Hall
Burberry Rd
Saint Neots PE19 5UY

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