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Located at the heart of the Great Fen, this is a great place to appreciate the vast flat landscape under a huge fenland sky. There are maps, information, picnic tables, and short or long walks past ponds, wet meadows and trees to a bird hide.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • Being out in nature, you can enjoy peace and quiet, escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  • Children can build confidence in interacting with the natural world.
  • Volunteers get to meet like-minded people while doing something positive for nature and the local community.

To the northwest of New Decoy is Holme Fen NNR, a silver birch woodland, and away to the south is Woodwalton Fen NNR, both National Nature Reserves and two of the last surviving fragments of uncultivated Fen.

The long term vision of the Great Fen is to link these two special places making them part of a wider landscape for wildlife and ensuring their survival into the future. Over half of the 3700ha project area is now under conservation restoration. There’s a long way-marked path following the Last of the Meres Trail which links many of these areas in the north of the Great Fen, including beautiful wildflower meadows and Holme Fen NNR. Find out more on the Wildlife Trust’s New Decoy webpage.

You can find out more about:

Self-guided walks and wildlife watching are free and open at any time. Some of the trails and activity ideas for children have leaflets available at the Ramsey Heights visitor centre and printable PDFs online.

Volunteers are always welcome to come and do restoration work. Find out more on their ‘Volunteer with us’ webpage.

The carpark is marked ‘New Decoy Great Fen’ on Google maps, and is sign-posted with a brown tourist information sign – see photos below. The carpark has ample free parking.

How to contact

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New Decoy Holme Rd Peterborough PE7 3PW UK

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