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Interactive and practical based photography courses and workshops ranging from beginner to intermediate level. You'll be learning hands on with two experienced photographers in a social group along with one-to-one time taking in the basics to more advanced techniques.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • Photography gets everyone outside and exploring and seeing the world from a different perspective
  • Being in a group helps to decrease isolation and meet people with similar interests
  • Photography can provide head space. Like with any form of art, you can find a way to express yourself and it can help reduce the stress hormone

‘I signed up for the beginner’s course with only a rudimentary understanding of cameras and the settings, I just left it on auto the whole time. Steve and Tash had excellent knowledge of photography and made me feel welcome from the start. Both were approachable and made the course not just fun but relevant to my interests in photography. Since the course, I am now in manual most of the time and I am thinking about the settings I need to use to achieve the photo I am looking for.’

What to expect?

Both photographers, Steve and Tash, run all courses and workshops together, enabling one-to-one time with all attendees alongside learning in a group. All courses and workshops are kept to small groups, limited to 12 attendees. The workshop provides basic hints, tips and techniques which you can apply to your photography and put into practice straight away.

More information

Workshops are a great stepping stone to a beginners course which are set over weekends and will take you from a complete beginner to a fully manual shooter, controlling the outcome of all your photographs. All whilst having fun of course! An intermediate course will step your game up further with advanced techniques. A confident knowledge and practice of using a camera in fully manual mode is essential to get the most from this course.

  • Free photography workshop set on a weekday evening and is used as an introduction to a beginners photography course. Free to attend but registration is required.

Activities are subject to a fee – for more information contact [email protected] They offer:

  • Beginner and Intermediate Photography courses based over a weekend. Deposit required on booking with balance paid on first day of courses.





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Saint Neots
Cambs PE19 2BH

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