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Football Sessions with Priory Parkside Pumas - For all those aged 16 and under with additional needs including physical, emotional, social or other challenges.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • It offers exercise in a non-competitive environment.
  • It offers socialising opportunities with an emphasis on inclusion.
  • It offers mental enhancement as new skills are practised.


What to expect?

A fun session of physical activity for all abilities, run by qualified coaches.

For more information or to register please contact [email protected]

More information

This is a story of one of the users of the Pumas.

‘Josh has Asperger’s Syndrome and Type 1 diabetes. Joining in with sporting activities has been incredibly challenging over the years, so when he became interested in football aged 14, we knew it would be hard to find somewhere local for him to play. When we found out that the Pumas team was being set up at our local park, we were thrilled, as we had been trying to find something suitable near us for a while.
We signed Josh up and went along to the first session, not sure how it was going to go. He can be extremely shy and the smallest upset can mean he might not join in. The coaches immediately made a good rapport with all of the players and Josh willingly joined in with the warm-ups and games. As the weeks passed he grew in confidence and began to try out some of his tricks that he had been practising. He even made friends with one of the other boys, which was amazing.
Pumas gave Josh an outlet for his hobby. It gave him the chance to be outside and get fitter in a friendly, non-competitive environment which understood and allowed for his special needs. Now he is 16, he is hoping to help out with the younger children and to even try to get a coaching badge.’

  • Free to attend





How to contact

Where to go

Priory Park
Saint Neots PE19 1RF

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