Sawtry Steppers Linedance classes

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Sawtry Steppers teach modern and traditional Linedancing to all ages and from beginners to advanced, organise Linedance socials, holidays and charity events. Sawtry Steppers have daytime and evening classes.

This activity is good for wellbeing because

  • Linedancing is a fun way to exercise at any age. It helps to improve balance, flexibility and coordination. It can be as gentle or as energetic as you want.
  • Linedancing improves confidence and helps to relieve stress. By learning and remembering dance steps it helps to keep the brain active.
  • Linedancing is lots of fun, it’s a great way of making new friends and you don’t need a partner to dance with.

‘I only joined a class to help encourage my mum to make friends, now both of us are regulars at the classes and socials and have both made lots of friends.’


What to expect?

Fun and friendly dance activity that is as energetic as you want it to be.

More information

Sawtry Steppers always have daytime and evening classes available for new beginners. The Facebook group Sawtry Steppers is the best way to get class details you just need to ask to join. Sawtry Steppers have a YouTube channel showing the dances as Sawtry Steppers also choreograph dances. Sawtry Steppers dances are enjoyed in classes around the world.

Activities are subject to a fee – for more information contact [email protected]

  • You pay at class each week, second class in a week is discounted and third is free.



How to contact

Where to go

Sawtry Village Hall
37 Green End Road
Huntingdon PE28 5UY

Glatton Village Hall
High Haden Road
Huntingdon PE28 5RU

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