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Deafblind UK is a national charity supporting people with sight and hearing loss to live the lives they want. They also support family and carers of deafblind people.

The charity helps people living with deafblindness to make connections, build their confidence and their independence.

Living with combined sight and hearing loss can be frightening. The team of experts is here every step of the way to reassure, advise or just to be someone to turn to if there is no one else.

You can get involved with the charity by becoming a volunteer, helping with campaigns, and more. Find out more by clicking here.

Support that Deafblind UK offer free of charge includes:

  • Helpline
  • Wellbeing and emotional support
  • Care and support
  • Befriending
  • Social groups
  • Technology
  • Empowering support
  • Open Hand magazine

Open Hand is a free quarterly magazine containing articles and information that are tailored specifically to people with dual sensory loss. Click here to find out more.

Support that has a cost includes:

  • Holidays
  • Supported living

Please contact them for more information.


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Available throughout Huntingdonshire District

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