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Alzheimer's Society Cambridgeshire provides support that is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of anyone who is worried about their memory, those awaiting a dementia diagnosis, those with dementia and those caring for someone with or without a diagnosis.

The Alzhiemer’s Society provide the following services in Cambridgeshire.

The Dementia Support Cambridgeshire service:

This service can offer information and signposting or ongoing support, regardless of whether you are worried about your memory, have a diagnosis of dementia or are a carer, family or friend. They can help with the following areas:

  • improving knowledge and understanding of living with dementia
  • preventing social isolation
  • maintaining independence, choice and control
  • accessing and building wider support networks
  • improving coping strategies, recognising increasing difficulties and planning for the future

This service can also support people to access other services, such as welfare and benefits, support groups or social care.

Dementia Support Cambridgeshire also host a Virtual Peer Support Group Project to support carers and people with dementia.

Intensive Support Service

Alzheimer’s Society know that caring for someone with dementia can be difficult, and at times you, as a carer, feel at crisis point. The Intensive Support service has been set up to help you to find new ways and strategies to help you cope with your caring role. They aim to identify ways to improve your own health and wellbeing and help you understand dementia. One of their trained specialist Dementia Advisers will contact you to offer tailored support that meets your needs. Offering an expert listening ear, they are there to talk openly to about the difficulties you are experiencing.

Pre Assessment Service

Are you experiencing problems that are affecting your daily life? Forgetting people’s names, misplacing items, struggling to remember day-to-day events or finding it hard to follow conversations? Or have you already been referred to the Memory Assessment Service and are waiting for an appointment?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then the Pre-Assessment Team may be able to help you. Alzheimer’s Society know that lapses in memory and concentration can cause difficulties in day to day living and doing things that previously you had no problems with. It’s normal to get frustrated, worried, or lose self-confidence. The Pre-Assessment Service has been set up to help individuals experiencing memory problems. The team are able to provide practical advice and information on: memory strategies, memory aids and tools, staying healthy, and can sign-post you to services that provide support to enable you to live well with memory loss. They also aim to give help and advice if you are waiting for an appointment with the Memory Assessment Service.

One of their trained Support Workers will contact you to discuss your situation and look at ways to help and support you. They offer an expert listening ear and are here to talk openly about the difficulties you are experiencing

This service is free


What people have said about this service.

“I really can’t thank you enough for making me see that it isn’t just me. I feel so much better now and able to deal with things knowing that there is help and support when I need it, and I am able to come back to you and ask anything and feel that I am able to do that. I wouldn’t have asked for help before.”

Tips on how to discuss memory problems with your GP:

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