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For Men To Talk organises informal online and in person groups for men with anxiety, depression and grief to support each other.

Sessions are free to attend

Visit the website for more information.



To attend weekly online meetings via Zoom, please visit the Facebook page for joining details.

There are also informal in-person meetings, where men can talk, listen and support each other with whatever they are facing.  Information about further sources of support is also available if required.

“For Men To Talk has been a shining light for me in real times of darkness. I was ‘one of those men’ that didn’t talk. I didn’t want to admit to myself and others that I wasn’t ok. I got to a point in my life where I hit rock bottom, which resulted in a mental health crisis that nearly ended my life.”

How to contact

Where to go

St Neots Golf Club
Crosshall Road
Eaton Ford
Saint Neots PE19 7GE

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