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Making Space is a charity that provides support to carers who are themselves supporting someone between the ages of 18 – 65 who has a mental health condition.

Steph introduces Making Space:

Services are free of charge.

Making Space is a carer-led organisation, with carers’ needs put first. Services they provide include:

  • One-to-one support with a named support worker, allowing you to build up a relationship with them without the need to keep repeating “your story”
  • Carer-led groups, coffee mornings and information sessions held at a range of locations across the county
  • Identifying services you and the person you care for may need and signposting to other services, organisations and charities
  • Information on mental health conditions
  • Carer support to relatives of people with young onset dementia (under 65’s)
  • Liaison with other professionals on your behalf, with your permission

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Available throughout Huntingdonshire District

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