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WaveLength provides free radios, televisions, tablet computers and SIM cards to people who are lonely and cannot afford to buy the technology themselves, helping them to keep in touch with the outside world and reducing feelings of isolation.

An introduction to WaveLength:

What to expect

WaveLength provides free TVs, tablets, radios and SIM cards to groups and individuals who have been referred by a third party to help fight loneliness. Technology is gifted to individuals in need of financial and practical support who struggle to leave their own homes due to age, illness, disability or difficult personal circumstances.

WaveLength also works with groups supporting vulnerable people, including the elderly, victims of domestic violence, the homeless and adults with learning difficulties, providing them with technology that can be used on-site or loaned to individuals they are helping.

More information

An individual needs to be referred by a third party, who could be a friend or neighbour, a social worker, housing officer, a charity worker or volunteer. You’ll be asked to complete an application form which can be accessed from the WaveLength website on this link. If applying as an individual or on behalf of an individual, you’ll need to send proof of identity, current benefit award letters and bank statements from the past three months.

For groups and organisations, there is an application form on this link.

If you have been gifted a tablet and need help getting started, you can find training courses and support sessions on this link.

If you want to find live online activities you can find them on this link.

If you are eligible, WaveLength provide TVs, radios, tablets and SIM cards for free.

How to contact

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Available throughout Huntingonshire

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